A Thought on Fair Travel


How would you like to spend your next holiday?

Enjoying the breathtaking views of royal palaces and forts in Rajasthan OR Teaching science to underprivileged kids to make a difference in their lives and therefore in the society as a whole OR little bit of both.

If you are thinking about the 2nd or 3rd option, this article is very much in the same lines with regards to your philosophy of travel..

You may have heard about responsible tourism. This means reducing your ecological footprint in the ‘means’ of travel. This is now a hot topic of debate internationally.

But most of us are still missing an important aspect of travel in the widely accepted definition of ‘responsible’.  And that is the ‘reason’ of travel. If a traveler is spending his/her hard earned money and invaluable resources of nature, it must give something more than just momentary happiness (which is also important).  It must provide an opportunity for both guests and hosts for exchange of knowledge and experience. That is what famous travelers like Marco polo, Columbus, Fahyan and Lord Buddha did. This makes a true long term impact on the lives of both guest and host community. If your travel comes with a ‘reason’ to create a fair teach and learn engagement with local people using responsible ‘means’ of travel, that will truly be a FairTravel.

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