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  • Building Bridges Through Travel

    Building Bridges Through Travel

    If we wish to see a world without borders 50 years from now, we must start building bridges between people living across them today. Continue reading

  • Confessions of A Millennial Traveler

    Confessions of A Millennial Traveler

    Is the desire for travel slowly moving towards materialistic consumption? What does this mean for Millennial Travel market? (Disclaimer: This article is a mixture of my personal experience as a traveler and travel marketer coupled with empirical research studies by others.) Recently, while doing ground research for our new travel startup Travel LYKKE, we decided to… Continue reading

  • A Thought on Fair Travel

    A Thought on Fair Travel

    How would you like to spend your next holiday? Enjoying the breathtaking views of royal palaces and forts in Rajasthan OR Teaching science to underprivileged kids to make a difference in their lives and therefore in the society as a whole OR little bit of both. If you are thinking about the 2nd or 3rd option, this… Continue reading